Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GP VS FB (Faceoff)

With Google+ more than a week old.. how is it making it in the virtual world. people are joining in from all sides as its very simple to add new friends to your circle and the best part is that GP suggests more and more every time you log in , that two very promptly.

No Doubt GP is  much more clean and less clustered as compared to FB, but is it the FB killer? Now matter how crappy a social network is, people tend to join it just for the heck of it at the first go, these are the early adopters, now if these people find it interesting then they tend to bring in more folks to the Social Network,

Thus the crowd which is currently joining GP is the first wave, it is up to them to decide if GP is better or FB, if they like it better than FB then they will bring in more followers.

I personally feel that it is more like a Rock band, in the beginning only a few followers, but if your stuff is good, you would be talked about, moreover, when your band name Starts with "Google" you are bound to fly :)
I personally feel, GP would have to do a lot to stand against a giant like FB!

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