Tuesday, November 8, 2011

B2B enterprises going social in India!

Would love to share with you two live examples of how B2B enterprises are coming up with innovative ways to interact with individuals over the web, what is the motto behind their initiative, may be you can understand this better once you see their pages.

First example is Commtel Networks, a B2B enterprise in the telecom field which turnkey provider of converged communication, surveillance and related technology solutions based out of Mumbai, They have their own Facebook page, this page updated on average of around 2 times a day with posts ranging from latest news in telecom, whats happening at Commtel, trivia and useful tips.Till date they have received 841 likes which is a substantial number considering that it is a B2B enterprise.

Another example of B2B enterprise going social is Telemeet, which offers conferencing solutions to businesses, they too have their Facebook page and keep updating it with News, Trivia and other updates, they also have around 34 likes. Here is there FB page 

I am sure there would be many more examples of B2B going social but here in India, the trend is just catching up! Sure businesses in India have started understanding the potential of going Social :)

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