Thursday, December 16, 2010

The mind boggling number!

As per the 2009 data 5.12 people out of every hundred use internet in India. The total population of India in 2009 was 1,166,079,217 as per CIA fact book. So the total number of internet user comes to 0.0512 X 1,166,079,217 which equals to a whopping 59703256 Or 59.70 million users!!

Another report on FT (Source) says that India’s 1.1bn people currently take just 0.03 flights per person per year so that brings us to a whopping 34.98 million flight tickets!!

Now if we want to see how many of these tickets are booked online, let’s multiply this number by 0.70 as 70 % of people say that they booked flight tickets online in last three months (Source).

This brings us to a number which is mind boggling. As you can see from above calculation, approximately 24.48 million people book air tickets online.

And this is just one sector we are talking about, what if we combine all sectors!

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Rangan Buxy said...

Nowadays I am bombarded with SMS about politicians hiding their ill-gotten wealth in Swiss Banks & Mauritius & imploring us to forward those SMSes to near & dear ones.

This is just to illustrate the immense utility of Social Media Networking in generating awareness among masses.