Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The hidden potential of Social Media in Asia Pacific

As per Gartner’s press release on Social Software predictions, Social networking services will replace email by 2014 as primary method for interpersonal communication for 20% of business users. This means that more and more enterprises would depend on Social networking services for business communication services. These services would not only act as a mode of business communication but would act as an asset for management to deliver both external as well as internal messages. Social media today has reached a point where it is no longer a mere fad but it has proven the potential it has and what it can do to transform businesses.

Let us have a look at two major economies in Asia Pacific region which are India and China, As per International Telecommunication Union (ITU), out of every 100 inhabitants 28.3 inhabitants use internet but only 7.7 inhabitants are broadband users (Source), where as in India the numbers are as low as 5.12 and 0.65. These figures are for 2009. Considering the total population of 2.48 billion people in these two countries, the potential for growth is implausibly high.

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